Our tips:
  • Have you got a Phalaenopsis from The Big 5 collection?
  • The Phalaenopsis should receive plenty of light but not direct sunlight.
  • Do not place this orchid near a central heating source or a heater.
  • The plant will grow best at a room temperature ranging from 15 to 25°C.
  • Once a week (once every 10 days in winter), soak the roots in water for 15 minutes and allow to drain thoroughly.
  • Never give your orchid too much water. To be on the safe side, give the plant three ice cubes every week.
  • Give your Phalaenopsis special orchid fertiliser once a month.
  • If you want your Phalaenopsis to flower again, cut off the part of the spike above the second ‘eye’ from the bottom. The ‘eyes’ are the little bulges on the spike. After trimming, place the orchid in a cooler place and water it somewhat less for two months. Six months later, the orchid will produce more flowers that you can enjoy again.
phalaenopsis temperatuur